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Ane is a self-taught artist who, from a young age, found an escape in art and a forum in which to express her feelings, hopes and fears. As someone who continues to travel the globe, Ane draws on inspiration and technique from the different cities and cultures she has experienced. Ane takes us into the emotional world of each of her subjects, making each painting stand out with its own individual story. Through a deep personal connection present in her compositions, she aims to stimulate the viewer’s feelings and imagination and encourage them to create their own interpretation of what the art means to them.
Ane’s compositions are primarily built on an innate and instinctive foundation, exploring bold colours, line movement and the rawness of facial features,. She draws on numerous sources for inspiration from emotions, dreams, graffiti and music to Abstract Expressionism and Primitivism movements. Her work joins together painting and drawing between abstraction and representation. Ane often composes with semi-figurative elements such as heads, faces, legs, eyes or hands and combines an aggressive use of colour and texture with a mix of acrylic, spray paint, oil sticks, markers, embroidery, textiles and Chinese ink on canvas. 
Ane was born in Mexico City and currently lives and works in Hong Kong. In a relatively short period of time, Ane has accomplished remarkable achievements her works are part of several private collections around the world and can often be seen in global exhibitions.

Photo by: Mariana M. de Alba


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