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Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to connect with each other in seconds. Texts, calls, email, FB, Tweets, Instagram. However we have forgotten how to connect with each other on a human level.


Whether openly and actively, or in subtle, subliminal ways, society has become so attached to this things that we talk to this objects more than to other human beings, and this objects that are designed to help us develop, improve and improvise dialogue are turning us into slaves of technology. We live on and through our screens.

There is no more silence and solitude, there is no more boredom, and therefore there is no more analytic thinking.


This series explores the communication between people in the modern word and the conflict between our online presence and our reality. 

We share a third eye I, 130x130cm 2018
We share a third eye III, 130x130cm, 201
We share a thrid eye II, 130x130cm, 2018
Undeniable Link- 130x160cm 2018


"It is easier to think before texting that think before speaking"

Talk to me II, 130x80cm, 2018
The Year, 121x203cm, 2018.jpg
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