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"Incompatible"  focuses on the world of emotions and their interrelationships with one another. Emotions are universal and transcend borders, genders, races and cultures. We all feel a range of emotions on daily basis but we often lack the ability to control, understand and express them, especially when they are in conflict.


The artist starts by selecting a colour palette based on her interpretation of a range of situations and environments and transforms geometric shapes into multidimensional images that represent her mind and emotions.


Exploring how colour and shape can be used as a visual language for expressing feelings, the works address the emotional response to ordinary, everyday events and circumstances and the endless range of emotions we experience, often juxtaposed with each other. The works themselves can appear incompatible, a further representation of emotions that may at first appear disparate but upon closer inspection the strong connections are revealed.


An on-going series of works that has evolved through the years, this series brings together the inconsistency of every day life and incompatible emotions into vibrant art pieces.

Couple No.1
People on a break-Ane Alfeiran
Oblivion-Ane Alfeiran
Chinese sunshine-Ane Alfeiran
Absent-Ane Alfeiran
Red Baron-Ane Alfeiran
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