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September 19th

As most of you know there was a powerful earthquake in Mexico last month. Thankfully my family and friends were unharmed; however, the damages in Mexico City and surrounding areas are significant, hundreds died and thousands lost their homes. Being in Hong Kong was difficult and there was little I could do, sharing crucial information on social media, try to raise some money to donate, none of this removes the helplessness feel, but it brings us closer to our country and allows us to embrace in the distance.

A month has passed since that day and thousands of people still need help. In my attempt to keep helping I have collaborated with Brickhouse HK to organize an event that can help us support our cause and spread the love to our beautiful people who are suffering in Mexico City. On Tuesday October 24th 3 of my paintings will be auctioned and all profit will be used to re build houses for people who lost everything during the earthquake. Don't miss out the opportunity to expand your art collection and help out at the same time!

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